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By Agronometrics | 31 January 2022

Sometimes the amount of news that the industry generates can be overwhelming and quite frankly, not entirely relevant to the commodities that are most important to one’s business. To offer a more tailored experience, personalized to serve the most relevant stories to your commodities, Agronometrics offers anyone with a login, be it paid, trial or expired, the ability to filter the news offered in Stories to the content most relevant to your business.

What do you see if you’re NOT logged in?

A user who is not logged in will be able to scroll through all of our content and latest stories without any filter applied. A prompt at the top of the screen, as shown below will give the user the option to log in in order to customize content that is visible to him/her. 

Screenshot 34

What do you see if you ARE logged in?

A user who is logged in will be given the choice to edit the content of the stories page via settings, through the prompt at the top, as shown below. 

Screenshot 35

A user who is solely seeking content related to cherries and asparagus for instance will be able to specify his/her choices in settings and the stories that will be displayed to this user thereafter would only include these commodities.

Screenshot 36

The choice of commodity can be modified from under settings in case the user’s preferences change. Please note that for paid customers, any changes to settings will be applied through the agronometrics service, adding the market updates and internal news feeds of any commodities selected to your dashboard. There is no additional charge or restriction as to the number of commodities that are associated with an account.

Can you still access the stories of other commodities that are not associated with your account?

Ofcourse, all of the content from our site is still freely accessible, so you dont lose anything. The idea of personalization is to help make Stories more relevant and useful to you and your business, however all the latest content from across all of our commodities is still available on the Stories dashboard in Browse by Commodity, Trending Stories, Agronometrics Original Stories and Stories from Other Authors.

As always, we love to hear feedback on whether these tools for viewing industry news are useful or if there are any further improvements we could add to improve your experience with the service. Please feel free to Contact Us at any time.


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