Stories Become a Part of Agronometrics Data Service

By Agronometrics | 29 December 2021

Through the stories section of our website we have long strived to add context to news articles with data, helping industry professionals make the critical decisions that get food from farms to tables. With the newest update to our service we are now able to also complement our data service with Stories, allowing users to quickly access the latest news personalized to their interests right from their dashboard and in the market updates.

This personalization means that each dashboard offers a custom news feed, only showing the latest stories for the commodities that were chosen during the initial setup of the account. This way, market analysts and managers aren’t flooded with news that isn’t important to their business.

Screenshot 2021 12 29 at 15 16 35 Agronometrics

This new service has been made automatically available for all of our subscription holders and is also available during the initial two week free trial of our service. For those who have an expired trial account and would like to test this new feature, feel free to contact us in order to receive an extension of the trial.

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