The following document lists the General Terms and Conditions for the Agronometrics website. Before making use of any services of Agronometrics, you are required to read, understand and accept these terms. You can only create an account after reading and agreeing to these terms. The column on the right only provides a summary of the terms of use and is not legally binding.

FIRST: Acceptance of Terms

The General Terms and Conditions of Use apply to the services provided through the Agronometrics platform. The services are provided by Miro Analytics Inc., a Corporation of the United States of America, registered of the state of Delaware located at the address of 2519 S Shields Street, Suite 1K #506, Fort Collins, CO 80526 USA ("Miro Ananlytics" or "Miro"), in regards to all users of said services, (the "Client" or the "Users") who access the website (the Website).

The General Terms and Conditions of Use apply to all Clients from the time of initial access of the website. Miro and the Client, by entering this website, accept and shall be governed by what is stated in the General Terms and Conditions of Use.

The use of the website, the contained information, generated, downloaded or downloadable is subject to the following conditions, (hereunder must be "The General Terms and Conditions of Use"), which must be fulfilled by the Users of the website.

These terms may be modified or adapted to reflect legislative changes, general industry practices or the policies of Miro whenever the latter is deemed appropriate. Such modifications and/or adaptations will be put in effect from the moment of their publication on the website and will be communicated with the User with anticipation.

For all of the legal purposes, it is understood that by using the website, the Client accepts these General Conditions and Terms of Use.

In Summary:

Agronometrics is a Product of Miro Analytics Inc., a corporation registered in Delaware, USA. The user agrees to these terms before using the system. If these terms change, the user will be notified ahead of time.

SECOND: Service and Materials

The website allows the Users access to and use of the Services offered by Miro and other third-party service providers to determine the latter, (herein defined as the "Services").

Likewise, the Website permits the Users access and use of the materials offered by the Websites and by other third-party providers of materials, reports, memorandums or others, (hereinafter, the "Materials").

Materials include all images, text, graphics, drawings, illustrations, videos, sound or image files, photographers, computer programs, logos, brands and in general any kind of materials or content, which these expressions must be interpreted in the broadest sense.

The Materials and the Website are protected under the national legislation and the international treaties regarding intellectual and industrial property that are currently in force. The Client may use the Materials and Website for purposes relating to his organization, but cannot allocate, market, sell, reproduce, distribute, transmit, modify, alter, transform, publish, store, display, copy, edit, adapt or prepare reports for third-parties with all or part of the Materials and the Website, without prior written consent given by Miro. And provided that in case of such authorizations, the source must be cited in the following manner "Material prepared by or available at". The Client shall be subject to any additional conditions or restrictions contained in the Material accessed through the Websites.

Miro may change or modify the presentation and configuration of the Website and the conditions to access them at anytime. Also, at any time, it can suspend, discontinue, modify or eliminate without stating cause or giving prior notice, the Services and/or Materials offered on the Website and the conditions for accessing and using these Services and/or Materials.

In Summary:

Please do not resell and/or redistribute our product without our permission. We have worked very hard on this great product and depend on its sales to continue developing and improving it.

THIRD: Privacy and Personal Data

The personal data collected by Miro will be subject to an automated data processing and added to files owned by Miro, which are not accessible to the public.The Client allows Miro to contract processing and/or analysis services by third-party providers and allows the processing of information successfully obtained, regardless of the nature of the same.

We do not resell or share Client data for any commercial purpose without first notifying the customer and with his consent.

Miro may use personal data obtained from the Clients for the good management and administration of the Website, of the Services and/or Materials to provide, expand and improve the services offered through the Website to adapt these services to the preferences of the Client and update the information regarding services, products and contents offered by Miro or through the Website.

The Client's use of the Website can be recorded in order to generate statistical information in respect the sections and places most visited.

The Company reserves the right to use the contents of emails and any other information that does not consist of the User's personal data for any purpose and to reproduce and disclose said information to third parties without limitations. In this case, the communication of said information may omit the details that can identify the user who provided this information.

To better serve you, Agronometrics uses cookies.

In summary:

Agronometrics will collect only the data needed to help you have the best experience possible and will not resell it to anyone.

FOUR: Links to other sites

The Website contains links to outside sites owned and operated by people other than Miro. Miro does not assume responsibility for the information collected or content on the wesbites that the links lead to.

In Summary:

On our page we have links to other websites. We do not assume responsibility for what you find on the other side.

FIFTH: User obligations

Without prejudice of other obligations or duties under these General Terms and Conditions of Use, the Client agrees with the following:

i) Use diligently the username and personal passwords thereto by Miro. The username and password are of a confidential and personal character. The use of this name and password is restricted exclusively to the User to whom the name and password are assigned.

ii) Use this Website, the Services and Materials in accordance to the law and the General Terms and Conditions of Use.

iii) Do not eliminate or modify in anyway the content of this Website.

iv) Do not distribute or share the Materials or passwords with others outside of the Organization, (company) of the Client.

In Summary:

Your user account is exclusively yours. Do not share it with anyone else.

SIXTH: Client Responsibility

The Client acknowledges that the use of this Website Services and Materials is carried out under your sole responsibility and subject to the limitations set forth in these General Terms and Conditions of Use.

The Client will indemnify and hold harmless Miro, against all damages, losses, cost and expenses arising out of or relating to any demand or claim arising out of or any breach the Client incurs in the General Terms and Conditions of Use. The Client agrees to cooperate in the defense of the interests of Miro.

In Summary:

How the information on our site is used is the responsibility of the User.

SEVENTH: Disclaimers

The Client recognizes that the Website, the Materials, the Services, the information, facts, opinion, reports, statements and the overall content thereof (the "Content") "as is presented", without guarantees of any type, express or implied, including and without limitation, warranties as to the quality, validity, accuracy, adequacy, usefulness, accuracy, correctness or reliability.

Miro is not responsible for damage or injury to anyone, whatever the nature may be, that occur as a result of or in connection with or relating to the User's use of the Website, the Services, Materials or Content, whether or not the Services, Materials or Content you provide are housed within or off the Website, whether the Services or Content Items are offered by the Company, other Users or third parties.

The User personally assumes the consequences and risks associated with their decision to use the Website, the Materials, the Services and the Contents.

The information, suggestions and tips on the Website or in the downloaded materials or to be issued through them is a support for information and assistance, but constitutes advice on the part of Miro.

Miro is not responsible for the lack of:

i) Availability, continuity, accessibility, performance, operability, quality, reliability, usefulness, timeliness, accuracy, completeness, the absence of viruses or other harmful elements of the Web Site, the Services, Materials or Content.

ii) Accuracy, timeliness, completeness or authenticity of the information contained in the Website.

In summary:

We strive to have the best possible product, but sometimes unexpected things happen.

EIGHTH: Termination

Miro reserves the right to provide access to the Website, Materials and/or Services under the condition that the customer signs up or registers and/or under the condition of payment of a pre-determined price, reported and accepted by the User.

Miro reserves the right to deny, cancel, terminate, suspend or terminate service to any User access to the Website, Materials or Services at any time without notice and without cause.

In summary:

If for any reason we have to terminate an account, we can.

NINTH: System Requirements

The Website is designed to run on the following platforms: Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 9 + and will not support older versions of Internet Explorer.

The use of an internet connection broadband 1MB/sy a computer with at least 1 core and 1GB of RAM is recommended.

In summary:

We try to create the most flexible system possible, but unfortunately there are technical limitations within which we have to work.

TENTH: Absence of IP transfer

No Client shall be granted any license, authorization or any other rights in respect of intellectual property rights or otherwise look kind belonging to or relating to the contents of the Website of any other nature, belonging to or relating to the contents of the Website.

In summary:

Please respect the intellectual property of our site.

ELEVENTH: Applicable law and dispute resolution

The General Terms and Conditions of Use are governed by the laws of Delaware in the United States of America. The User and Miro are subject to the jurisdiction of its courts.

In summary:

The applicable laws are from the state of Delaware in the United States.