Custom Market Studies

Through custom market studies Agronometrics offers a data driven approach to help professionals better understand their industry, how commodities are evolving around the world and how markets are most likely to develop in the near future.

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What Customers Think of our Work


We have received valuable analytics and insights from the Agronometrics team on an ad-hoc engagement. The team delivered quality work and provided an in-depth interpretation of the data, showing their extensive understanding of the data and their overall expertise.

- Maarten Foubert

Business Strategy Manager

International Blueberry Association

Colin Fain and the Agronometrics team were instrumental in bringing the 2019 International Blueberry Organization (IBO) State of the Industry Report to completion. They brought an analytical and data driven process to bear on the project resulting in fresh perspective to a perennial report that needed a more robust approach to critical data. One example of the value they brought was adeptly managing the complexity of incorporating the entire UN Commercial Trade data set into the publication. This delivered a level of accuracy and increased global visibility into trends in product movement around the world and the relevant market extrapolations where local data was limited. The contributions that the Agronometrics team made was a valuable service to the industry and enriched the product and the process. Better decisions more informed are being made today because of the quality of their contributions.

- Cort Brazelton

IBO Board Member, State of the Industry Report Editor

Sun World

In 2019, Colin and his team at Agronometrics were commissioned to assess the historical and current state of the UK Table Grape Market and Forecast 2000-2025. Colin invested a lot of time in understanding Sun World – our approach, the global table grape industry, and ultimately our data and reporting needs. The comprehensive report gives us a new and exciting perspective on the UK table grape market – distribution, volumes, and pricing trends that has become pivotal in driving and supporting our strategic decisions now and into the future. It is reassuring to know that the data was obtained from respected sources around the world, and collated by the Agronometrics team, who are experts in data management and global fresh produce. We are particularly warmed by Agronometrics’ service and contribution to Sun World, and look forward to further strengthening our relationship with Colin and his team.

- Josh Mellor

Senior Analyst, Sun World LLC

Answering Questions Through Data

Global Reach

Whether you are curious about how a variety is growing in a market compared to others, are considering investing in Organic production for US consumption, need to know the growth rate of internal EU production, or are considering exporting to the Chinese markets, we have the insights to help guide your decisions. We take a holistic look at understanding the supply chain, answering difficult questions and helping companies better position themselves in a complex market environment.

Finding business opportunities

We offer our clients a clear understanding of the market built from objective information. Our datacentric approach to understanding the industry offers a window into the international markets to make strategic decisions with confidence.

Data à la carte

Our team of experts has ample experience working with the industry. We are here to guide you through an ocean of data to find the information that you need to make difficult decisions.

Our expertise extends from helping companies and organizations make sense of their own commercial data, to digesting the massive amount of information that is global trade and everything in between. Our holistic approach choses information from all parts of the supply chain to help tell the story of the industry. We use data from acreage, yields, customs, cold storage, retail as well as macroeconomic indicators.

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