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Rest assured that as soon as there are rapid changes in market pricing, you will be the first to know. Price Alerts will send you an email the moment that sudden changes in daily prices are detected.

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Our Stories offer a data-centric forum to chronicle the industry. Every story is shaped by charts from our reports, with links to the system that serve as a jumping-off point to create your own analysis.

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Create your own reports, navigate and filter through all the available data sources, mix and match prices and volumes in one chart, compare the last four seasons of data, and much more...

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What our client say about us


“Since enrolling in the Agronometrics program, we have been able to more clearly keep track of our avocado prices and trends in the market as they happen. Additionally, the historical data helps us forecast and make sense of perpetually changing commodities.”

Jonathan DeVirgilis

Senior Buyer

“This must be our third season using Agronometrics. The tool allows us to access statistical information which we can visualize from different perspectives and definitely offers us a better understanding of the dynamic world of berries. In the end this translates to better decisions for us as well as our company.“

Carlos Madariaga

Sales Manager

“Simple and easy access with complete information that is fast to download.”

Felipe Martinez Casas

Director of Packing Operations

“Basic and precise information available online, permitting a better read of the market for correct commercial decisions.”

Javier Contesse


“In a world with so many noisy numbers, the platform that the Agronometrics team has built is a breath of fresh air. The aggregation and presentation of data is actionable and has allowed our company to observe necessary trends and drill down as needed in a very efficient manner. Modern agriculture continues to grow and mature with strong influence from other industries, including finance and technology. It is tools like these that will prove to be indispensable as we all grow in sophistication and success.”

Chad W Hansen


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