What is Agronometrics?

Agronometrics helps the Fresh Produce Industry make data driven commercial decisions, identify market opportunities and project market trends to best position themselves in an ever changing environment.

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Commercial Data from the USDA Made Simple

What can you find inside?

  • Service customized to your needs with curated reports specific to the 20 commodities we track.
  • Weekly Market Updates to your inbox.
  • Price Alerts! direct to your email when big price swings are detected.
  • Unlimited reports of all the market data published by the USDA daily with our data visualization tools.
  • As well as many other features included in the service see below for details.

Service Customized to Your Needs

Simple setup customizes the entire platform based on the fruit you are interested in, offering a selection of useful reports curated by our analysts.

Market Update

Receive a weekly report giving an overview of the commodities you choose, keeping you up to date on the latest market movements as soon as they are available.

You can see an example of the report you would receive by email demonstrated with Avocados here:

Market Update Sample

Price Alerts!

Rest assured that as soon as the markets are moving you will be the first to know. With Price Alerts! you will be sent an email as soon as sudden changes in daily prices are detected.

You can see an example of the report you would receive by email demonstrated with Avocados here:

Price Alerts! Sample

Unlimited Reports

The Agronometrics data visualization platform is the backbone of our services and is tied to every one of the products we offer. Through this system, which is included as part of our basic subscription service, you can also create your own reports, navigating and filtering through all of the commercial data the USDA makes available through their Shipping Point and Movements datasets.

Other Features Included in the Service

  • Combine prices and volumes in one report.
  • Compare the last four years of history to each other (even in split year seasons)
  • View reports daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • All prices standardized to kilos, or lbs.
  • Give context to the evolution of data comparing Origins, Organic/Non Organic, or any parameter available.
  • Interactive graphs make presenting data easy.

In Agronometrics you will be able to find USDA data for the following commodities:

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Advisory Services

Answering your Questions through Data

Do you have a massive amount of data that you know is valuable ... just don't know how to extract those valuable nuggets of information from it? We are here to help. Be it analyzing international shipments the world over, writing reports, or answering specific questions from available data.

We have helped producers, exporters, receivers, shippers and retailers in the fresh produce industry answer pressing commercial questions and gain insights from many different types of data including the UN Comtrade, IRI and Nielsen among others.

Please contact us for more information.

Data Visualization for your Website

Offering Insights Instead of Tables

Help your members stay informed of what is going on in your industry with tools that make gaining insights from commercial data fast and exciting. Work with Agronometrics to view both USDA data as well as your own private data to offer a complete view of the market.

Please contact us for more information.

Subscriptions and Pricing

Monthly Subscription

$ 59 /MONTH

Subscription includes access to all commodities, updated daily

Yearly Subscription

$ 490 /YEAR

Subscription includes access to all commodities, updated daily

The price of plans are in american dollars (USD)

Ready to start exploring?

Sign up for your 14-day free trial to start navigating through USDA market data.

Please contact us for more information.
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