Divine Flavor Begins 16th Season by Spotlighting Dennis Hay; Alan Aguirre and Carlos Bon Comment

From And Now u Know | 11 December 2022

Overview of grapes from Mexico in the U.S. market, complemented by charts from Agronometrics. Original published on December 9, 2022. 

NOGALES, AZ – As Divine Flavor enters its 16th season, the supplier is taking a beat to recognize how far it has come—transforming an operation that comprised a few hundred thousand boxes of table grapes to a produce brand accounting for more than 10 million boxes a year. As the supplier celebrates this milestone, it is turning the spotlight to one of its original team members, 15-year company veteran Dennis Hay.

“Divine Flavor is a very diverse company, and we all come from different backgrounds, different previous careers, and different cultures, but that’s what makes it special,” said Hay, Sales Executive. “The company truly shows respect for one another, and I’m privileged to be a part of it each day.”

Divine Flavor was founded about 16 years ago by Alan Aguirre, Carlos Bon, and Pedro Batiz. It wasn’t long after the company’s first year when the team would bring on Hay.

“Back then, we were a very small company, but I believed in what the owners stood for and the type of company they were creating,” said Hay. “In 15 years you see a lot, but I feel like I’ve always been valued here and have been part of the Divine Flavor family.”

Hay began working in produce in 1991, starting off stocking shelves at a Costco store. He was promoted to work in the head offices of Costco and eventually became an assistant buyer. He concluded his time at Costco as a buyer for all produce items, with a focus on melons.

“We are a company of loyalty, respect, and passion, and Mr. Hay has always represented that,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Alan Aguirre. “Dennis sets a precedent of what we look for with all our workforce, and we are extremely honored and proud of his accomplishments throughout the years.”

In Hay’s first years with Divine Flavor, his primary focus was helping build the foundation of its product line with growers throughout Mexico. During the past few seasons, he has transitioned to the grape team, focusing on strategic expansion into South American imports and its latest grape project in Jalisco, Mexico.

grape volumes by origin 2

Source: USDA Market News via Agronometrics.
(Agronometrics users can view this chart with live updates here)

“My relationship with Dennis is very personal,” said Bon, Vice President of Sales. “We are not only friends at work but also outside the office, and that is due to our respect for one another. He has supported me throughout my career at the company, and he has taught me valuable lessons about relationship building with customers and how to better communicate with them.”

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